Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sept 25, Sunday

Hit the ground running. Not even time to think, we loaded our ERV and hit the road early.

Today we found a new neighborhood we had never been to before. Our territory is huge, and every time we turn around we are faced with more and more devastation. This new area was hit full force by the storm surge. The bayou rose quickly. One resident said he had 9 feet of water IN his house with 5 foot waves on top of that. The street has huge boats in the front yard. The boats were originally in the bayou in the back, and they flew up over the house and landed in front!!

We met a couple on our journey named David and Anne Burke. They are a wonderful couple with hearts of gold. I stopped at her house to take a picture of her topiary out front and she invited me to her backyard to see her patchwork quilt garden. She took us into her house and showed us true southern hospitality. Then David asked us to go check on about 30 families that are displaced from their homes from the Research Laboratory where he retired from (he is a scientist). We will go there tomorrow.

We were so tired tonight we could hardly keep our eyes open, but we got in our pj's and walked to the pool to visit with our friends. Our roommate is causing us a lot of problems, we we will be moving to another hotel room soon.


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