Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oct 4th, Tues

Teresa and I got a new assignment. We have passed on the ERV duties to a new and younger crew and we are now medics on the MERV (medical ERV)

We have patients that we go out and see in the community, and check sugar levels, pressure and things like that. It is also a way we can get a few minutes break to go to the library and check our emails and get some errands done.

We still have a list of things we need to do, and we are going back again to David and Anne's house tonight and take some of the new people that just came in and show them our "home away from home" spot.

We made a new drink last night and we called it the "Katrina". Yeah, I won't be making any more of those tonight, but lets just say I slept really well!

The weather is pleasant today, it's in the upper 80's and the humidity has gone down. Much better than it has been. It stays in the 80's at night too, but when the humidity is high, it's more like 100 heat index most of the time.

I'll find the internet cafe and upload some pictures later today. Have to go get some work done. We have a woman that is literally dying from the black mold. She won't leave her home of 40 years, and it is going to kill her. We were outside on her front porch, and we were all sick within 15 minutes. Just being outside her house made us ill, and she is living in there and sleeping there. She will die if she doesn't leave. We to go back and get sick again, but we can't leave her there without checking on her.


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