Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sept 21, Wed

Day 2 started early so we could eat breakfast at the shelter. The southern Baptist Convention sure do cook well!!! We were assigned to our ERV's after we ate. I'm on 1101 with a funny, kind and wonderful pair of drivers! Carolina is from New Orleans, and David Sunshine (yes it's his real name and PERFECT for his personality) is from Conn.

Our route is Ocean Springs, MS and is some of the hardest hit areas in MS. No words can describe my feelings as I drove through the area. The power lines hanging over the road had clothes and bedding tangled and hanging down on them like a clothes line. Entire houses were missing. One house had the ground floor missing, but we saw the second floor, still intact, was a few lots away. The marina had boats a block or more away. entire yachts were up against houses. It is surreal.

So tired, need to go to bed 6:30am comes early!


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