Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sept 23rd, Friday

We had a great time on our route today, but we had to start early and only delivered one meal today because of Rita coming in. We need to be back by 2:00 so we can be at our hotel with our ERV's for our safety. It is raining off and on and rather windy. Rita isn't being very nice, we have tornado warnings to the West of us, severe thunderstorm warnings to the East. The river near here is rising and smells like rotten sewage and rotting fish.

We won't be delivering meals tomorrow, they are making us take the day off. A lot of people have evacuated anyhow, Rita scared them off. We will be back on the road Sunday morning.

So after work we went to the hotel and watched a bit of TV. We had supper at Ruby Tuesdays and then picked up some wine coolers and went to the gazebo. Our hotel is connected with 2 other hotels, and there is a centrally located gazebo that some of us meet at every night and drink a few beverages and visit with everyone else. So many interesting people, so many interesting stories, and friendships that we will never forget.


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